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media quotes

"... with a smoking show band in tow, he kicks it out in fine fashion like he’s a blues Hank Williams, Jr."
Midwest Record   Chis Spector

"There are singers and then there are SINGERS, and fortunately for Jr.'s sake he has God-given vocal chops that you just can't get tired of!”
Real Blues - 2009   Andy Grigg

"Hookerıs delivery is so dead-on that listeners might begin to wonder whether the tales he tells are true. Itıs more likely that they represent the work of an artist who knows that good singing, playing, and storytelling add up to great music."
Blues Revue - 2009   Bill Wasserzieher

"John Lee Hooker Jr., the son of a 20th Century blues legend, stands at the crossroads of a new era for blues with a confidence and mastery that will only intensify an already superlative family tradition. Boogie on!"
San Francisco Blues Festival
Tom Mazzolini

"Hooker has crafted his own fiery, funky brand of stinging blues….pushes the boundaries of what a modern blues record can be"
Centre Daily Times - State College, PA

"Toughened up by lots of hard living and little luck, he takes a confident, loose-yet-composed course through his own soul-blues songs whose mood lies somewhere between wry irony and dead seriousness."


With the wind-driven rain pelting the freezing, asphalt street on either side of him, John Lee Hooker Jr. hides under a car, shivering from the torrential elements and his addiction, praying the police will not find him. At this moment over ten years ago, the blues prodigy has a glimpse of his life with God or the devil at his side. Fortunately for him, family, friends and blues lovers, he chooses God.

JLHJR Born in Detroit, Michigan, Hooker Jr. was exposed to the blues as some children are exposed to a parent who practices carpentry, bricklaying or farming. The son of the blues legend, John Lee Hooker, naturally developed a curiosity and appetite for his father's livelihood. Hooker Jr. performed on Detroit's WJBK radio at the tender age of eight years old and toured with his father throughout his teens. Exposed to blues greats such as, Jimmie Reed, Washboard Willie, and Boogie Woogie Red, little Hooker Jr. would eventually perform his talents at prestigious venues such as Detroit's, Fox Theatre and other upscale Motown clubs in the shadow of his father. By the time little Hooker Jr. turned eighteen, he was a recording artist performing with his father, most notably on John Lee Hooker's, Live at Soledad Prison (ABC Records) release.

The rich heritage of Detroit was very generous to Hooker Jr. on more than one count. Not only was the powerful allure of music intriguing to him, but he also was seduced by the sub-culture life on the streets. During this lull in Hooker's musical quest, he never lost his appetite for stardom but some demons were to be exorcised before he could take his rightful place at the helm. Following the life altering event of his father's death, and with Hooker Junior's strong belief in God, help from family, friends, and fellow musicians, this exorcism was achieved before his first release entitled: Blues With A Vengeance (Kent Records 2004).

Blues with a Vengeance Blues With A Vengeance was John's "celebratory redemption". In other words, he would celebrate his redemption through the hard work and dedication it takes to create a musical classic - and redeem himself he did. The newly awakened artist received 2004, "Comeback Artist of the Year Award" from the San Francisco Bay Area Blues Society, "Outstanding Blues Album of the Year" from The California Music Awards (formerly known as the BAMMYS), "Best New Artist Debut" nomination from the W.C. Handy Awards, and "Best Traditional Blues" nomination from the Grammy Awards. Etta James won the actual Grammy award but to be in her company along with fellow nominees, Eric Clapton, Pinetop Perkins, and James Cotton was a strong indication of the direction Jr. Hooker's career was taking.

Cold As Ice Cold As Ice (Telarc Records 2006) continued to solidify Jr. Hooker's force as a musical presence. This sophomore recording enabled the artist to reach deeper into his musical inspirations and take a more active role in the total creative process, while simultaneously, learning the intricate business details of the music industry. Cold As Ice was intended to be Hooker's unique sound. The material showcased his Motown roots and contemporary understanding of music into a delightful blues release that was embraced worldwide.

All Odds Against Me All Odds Against Me (Steppin' Stone Records/Jazzhaus Records Europe 2007) was the first effort by the artist to incorporate his own music without covering any of his father's music. This also seemed like a good time to launch his own record label and take further control of his musical career. Partnered internationally with Jazzhaus Records, the project generated yet, another Grammy nomination along with fellow nominees, Pinetop Perkins & Friends, Buddy Guy, B.B. King and Elvin Biship in 2008 for "Best Traditional Blues". B.B. King would walk away with the award but Jr. Hooker would win more respect and recognition in the realm of blues. All Odds Against Me also introduced Hooker Jr. as "Bluesman". This animated blues superhero, conceived by French brother, Laurent Mercier (Callicore Animation Studios, Paris) is featured as a DVD, included with the audio disk and is the first animated blues artist to come into existence.

All Odds Against Me From the gravely blues of the Detroit streets to a new era of sound; from the shadow of his father's accomplishments to standing apart from his namesake; from criminal to crime-fighter; from San Quentin to the Red Carpet, its no wonder the album is called All Odds Against Me. John Lee Hooker Jr. has built upon his colorful past as he continues to distinguish himself as a contemporary "Bluesman."

Live in Istanbul, Turkey Live In Istanbul, Turkey (Steppin' Stone Records/Jazzhaus Records 2010) is the latest effort by Hooker Jr. This project includes some new material but it mostly consists of a recording taken from the live performance of one of his tour dates in Istanbul, Turkey. The growth of Hooker Jr. is apparent in this live performance. Weaving in and out of his funk, jazz, and blues arrangements, Hooker Jr. dances with the horns, sings with the guitars and grooves to the bass and rhythm as if they are part of him. This recording exemplifies his twenty-first century interpretation of the blues.

In 2010, between sharing the stage with artists such as, Lenny Kravitz, Taj Mahal, and ZZ Top, Hooker Jr. was the musical face of America's prestigious, U.S. Open (CBS). He was also interviewed by the 700 Club, and in 2011, appeared on the cover of Healthy Living magazine. He is currently recording his upcoming project for release in the spring of 2012.

John Lee Hooker Jr. is a living testimony of the fact that your past is just that - your past. Ironically, the same prison that held Hooker was his venue for two separate gigs; one, the place you go as a consequence of bad decisions, the other, a platform to share his musical talents. From San Quentin to Hollywood's red carpet has been an experience few will ever be able to experience. John Lee Hooker Jr. was able to introduce "Blues With A Vengeance" while maintaining a "Cold As Ice" appearance with "All Odds Against" him and sing about it live in Istanbul, Turkey - and ultimately, sharing it with the world. Though all of Hooker's recordings are diverse, they share a common bond. Hooker Jr. is proof that demons can be defeated. Through all his releases, he convincingly displays the years of sacrifice, love and determination on his quest for making his own mark in the music industry as John Lee Hooker Jr. and not just the son of the great John Lee Hooker.
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